Skype Travel Headset.


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If you travel with either a Laptop or Netbook and are a Skype user, you will have no doubt found that headsets are awkward and bulky to travel with?

I was looking for a good quality foldable USB headset for use with my netbook & one that would also be suitable for travel.

It needed to be USB & have its own sound chip incorporated so as there would be no software installation required (True Plug & Play).

I found it difficult to source but eventually found the perfect one in the Skype shop itself.

It folds flat for easy storage & has a neat little extra, one of the leads in the USB connector can be removed to reveal a 3.5mm jack so as it can be used with items such as your iPod too.

They have only just been released on the market & were developed especially for Skype following a growing demand from customers for such a device.

They are manufactured in Spain and are only available direct from their factory (they won't be in the shops).

They are selling them at an introductory offer price of £18.51 STG including VAT & delivery.