Windows 7 slow file load win 7 ultimate


Old desktop used once a week or so still quite fast but some things have become slow.
When I click on a photo in a folder, photo viewer takes ages to load the first image but if I click on the Next photo button at the bottom of picture viewer it loads immediately as does the rest in that folder. Even before it has loaded the first photo. If I open another photo file same thing again first photo takes ages with progress bar at top showing.
Open office has same problem open folder ok file inside takes ages to appear in Open Office Word
Looks like something has got a bit corrupt somewhere. Browsing downloading all fast. Fastest processor a few years ago and is still very quick normally plenty of ram 4GB
i have ran CHKDSK/R and defrag.

Any ideas


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have you run a cleaner such as ccleaner to get rid of all your temp files?check for malware with malwarebytes? i really hate to recommend reinstalling your os but that might be your option here.i would try to do the sfc /scannow command in command prompt first tho.


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Have you added any new software recently that might not be playing well? Can you do a restore to a point before the problems started?


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I always like running my avast scan and malwarebytes,dam windows had 2 trojans stored in windows essentials quarantine,no windows updates working and had more memory added,i also sent mine for a service to see whats needed as gone slow starting mozilla.