Smallest satellite box available.


Hi folks. I want to mount a tele on the wall and don't want the sat box showing. I figure the best way is to use a small box like an amiko with an ir eye

Just wondered does anyone know smaller. Or a better solution . internet not too good.


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If your hiding it does it matter how small it is?
Sure most of them are the same sort of thickness

Not sure you can’t get it extender to work on them that easy
Put it Away and use your phone or tablet


Thanks folks. Ill have a look. I was really just checking in the back of my mind that no one know of a sat receiver as small as a fire box. The long HDMI and ir might be the best way

I just had a friend say you can buy TVs with built in sat receivers. Anyone tried them


I've got a TV that has inbuilt sat and cable receivers, it takes BIS keys as well,
I never use the inbuilt receivers tbh.
Thanks im putting this in the kids room so i want it as compact as poss, im going to have a look at all the options. I can run a long HDMI aswell