Snow Leopard: Review of business features


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Snow Leopard: Review of business features

Posted: 24 Aug 2009 04:39 PM PDT

Snow Leopard: Review of business features

With the release of Snow Leopard set for August 28th many people are wondering whether or not this new version of OS X will suite the needs of enterprise users. An article on PCWorld which looks into Mac’s possibly been used in enterprises can be seen here.

At the moment Mac’s are not really seen rolled out across large enterprises, however Apple has concentrated on improving their OS in ways which should help improve their appeal to enterprise users.

There a number of new and improved functions, these include annotations in preview, restore deleted items to original locations, sortable search results, nearby printers, automatic update for printer drivers, AirPort menu signal strength, HFS+ read in Boot Camp, improved 64-bit support, Cisco VPN support and Exchange support.

Obviously a lot of these features are long overdue, especially things like sortable search results and the ability to restore deleted items to its original location, however the Cisco VPN and Exchange support additions are huge for corporate environments and could possibly start to attract enterprise users.

Do you feel these developments will greatly improve their popularity in corporate networks?