Spawn Labs HD-720 enables streaming of console games


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by JC Fletcher { 1 day ago } Breaking News


At the TechCrunch 50 conference, a company called Spawn Labs has revealed its HD-720 box, a device that allows users to stream games from their PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, or Gamecube anywhere in the world, at 30 frames per second in resolutions up to 720p. Basically, it's the Slingbox for your games, or a sort of OnLive that uses your own consoles as the server. Once you've plugged your console into the box, if the thing works like it's supposed to, you can then play your games from anywhere that has broadband access.

The really crazy part is that Spawn Labs advertises the ability to allow other people to connect to your console and play games with you while you play at home, or watch your gameplay. Just like that, couch co-op becomes online play.

The HD-720 costs $199.99, and requires a $30 controller adapter for each variety of console controller you wish to connect -- all of which seems a bit pricey for something that makes it a little more convenient to play the games you already have.






From - Joystiq [Xbox]