Square Enix sued over allegedly concealed FFXI fees


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by Xav de Matos { 2 days ago }

According to the Courthouse News Service, a federal class action lawsuit has been brought against Square Enix for allegedly lying or "concealing its monthly fees, penalties for late payments, interest, restrictions and other things that should have been filly disclosed at points of purchase" for the MMO Final Fantasy XI.

Plaintiff Esther Leong of San Francisco is seeking more than $5 million for what she alleges to be "unfair business practices, false advertising and unjust enrichment."

It's unclear how Square Enix has hidden the subscription nature of Final Fantasy XI from potential (or ongoing) players. The game's official website (above) clearly states a monthly fee is required to play the online-only title, when clicking a tab labeled "Monthly Fees" -- as well as listing the subscription-based nature of the game on all retail packaging. Fair warning from the far-flung future to any and all involved in this hilariously moronic suit, Final Fantasy XIV is an MMO too. Anticipate a subscription ... or at least prep for another lawsuit.

Update: LGJ columnist Mark Methenitis takes a closer look at the class action on his Law of the Game blog.

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