Starview 5 picture and features. Whats your thoughts?


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New Starview 5 / The Box USB 2

To me it looks like its just the SV4 with a new logo on the front.


Seamless PVR (Personal Video Recorder) function (when used with external USB hard disk)

Even Faster Menu's

Better EPG

New security chip

No Risk of Clones



Using a external USB hard disk you can pause and record!

MP3 Playback from USB

100% working 7 Day Program guide

The Best auto updater on the market!

Auto channel sort into provider order and categories

Powerful scan and stable performance, with easy user interface

Store 5000 channels

OSD teletext and subtitle support

MPEG-2 Digital & fully DVB|-C compliant

5 Favourite channel groups (100 channels per group)

Powerful channel control by favourites, parental lock, move, delete, skip, rename

Channel sorting by alphabetical, FTA, scramble , parental lock

Super fast channel change

Manual / Automatic scan

Timer function

Automatic PAL / NTSC conversion

Multi language

Picture-in-graphic (PIG)
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same as noel, put a better security chip make it a bit faster, no mention of N3,IPTV. out to make money before it goes completely to pot. wots that 3 boxes in a year.
what a swizz, it looks the same as the last one, features practically the same besides the security chip, not worth getting until the nagra/iptv situation is sorted out
I think they should have both but they are a cheap box, if they sold them with only HDMI I think they would loose allot of sales due to the fact that not everyone has a HDMI socket in there TV.
should have said added a hdmi not removed the scart as the sky hd has both,wonder what happened the spdif socket handy for the amps.
yeah i have just got a problem with my starview 5 error code 8882 same as the starview 4 problem while updating from usb problem with mine is it froze while updating and now wont do jack but show 8885 on the front im going to try sort it when my cable arives as this box has a serial port on the back unlike the starview 4 lol
Starview 5 not working plz help??

hI im new to all of this i just today bought a starview 5 box but its only getting basic channels..i live in belfast help plz???tomjay