STB Emu not loading channel lists. However VOD is fine :/


So recently I've not been able to load the live tv channel lists for my IPTV sub in STB Emu on the Firstick 4k....

It seems to be an issue just with livetv (video club loads lists fine)

No channels loading

I've removed the cache and reloaded the portal several times with no luck... Is there a setting in STB EMU to ensure the channel lists always populate?


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Make a note of your Mac and uninstall and re install the app with either a newe version or older version.
Or ask your provider to check your line and make sure the bouquets are added I’ve had to do it a couple of times


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The thing is I'm with another provider too and when I switch to their portal in stb emu the channels load up fine. This makes me think there isn't an issue with the app....