Straighten Photos Quickly with Photoshop


Super Duper Modulator
Staff member
Straightening photos can be done quickly when using Photoshop CS5 by means of the "Ruler" tool.

1. Find the image you would like to straighten.

2. To find the ruler tool you may have to look under the eye dropper tool. This can be done by clicking and holding down the left mouse button until the other tools in the group appear.

3. Once you activate the ruler tool, locate a part of the image that you know should be straight.

4. Left click on that point and drag the cursor to the end of that "line"

5. With the line established, move to the application bar and click the "Straighten" button

6. Photoshop will straighten the image and crop to remove any white space gained from the rotation.

There you have it, an image that is now more correct for viewing.

Hopefully, I didn't leave anything out as this is a pretty simple procedure. But if you see something, please let me know.