WooshBuild Streaming Issues


Hi there,

I am having major issues with my Enigma 2 box. I purchased a dinobot 4K , I have posted on that section but getting no answers at all.

So basically when I click on the HD and SD channels on the box , I can hear the audio but I cant see any picture. I have messed about with every resolution and every setting to no avail. I've download the service app and changed player , again to no luck. I have never had this problem with any Zgemma Enigma box I have ever set up. I honestly cant get my head around it. Other boxes I have and over setups like android etc are all fine playing the picture.

So just to confirm I refreshed the box with the new Open ATV and also wooshbuild as I do with every zgemma I programme. The box is Internet only and channels made from Jedi.

Unlike every Zgemma I've never had this problem but with this box. FHD channels are working fine , HD and SD only have audio and no video.

I have changed resolutions , updated all softwares etc.

Can you please help, I've never had this issue with no other box.

I have recorded a video to show you the problem....

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I really need a fix for this. Thanks