Street Fighter IV, FEAR 2, MadWorld, more for $20 at GameStop


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by Alexander Sliwinski { 2 minutes ago }

Sometimes it's better not to ask questions, which is the approach we're taking with GameStop's sale on several solid titles for $20 new -- and not GameStop's definition of "new," but actually new. The sale started today, for both online and stores, and goes until August 2. Highlights include:

* Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360 and PS3)
* FEAR 2: Project Origin (Xbox 360 and PS3)
* Silent Hill Homecoming (Xbox 360)
* MadWorld (Wii)
* Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (Wii)

The full list and more nitpicking details about the sale can be found over at CAG. Although many of the titles make sense as part of the sale (Lair), the big question is: Why Street Fighter IV? Is Capcom planning to announce a Turbo Hyper Fighting Alpha Remix Championship Beefcake Easy-Bake Snuggie Edition?

From - Joystiq [Xbox]


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Right on Homie. I couldn't see myself spending $50 or $60 on STIV. I knew that it would be cool for a week or two, then just sit on the shelf more often than not. Not a game that has great replay value IMO.

FEAR2...bring it on.

Dang shame i can't pick up Silent Hill Homecoming. :hop mad:


I'm going tomorrow. :grin: