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GrogBuild Stuck on bootloop at 49


Installed Grogbuild earlier on my Zgemma H2s and got everything working fine. Did a GUI quick restart after downloading a couple of plugins and it just stuck on the re-boot screen at number 49. I've turned it off at the main button on the rear and left it for 10 minutes but it still won't boot past 49.

I can still FTP to the box but can't telnet. The plugins I tried downloading were Mediaportal and Cacheflush. Can anyone tell me where I can find those files via FTP? Maybe if I deleted them, it would work?


Usr/lib/enigma2/python/plugins/extensions after deleting reboot box
Hi. Hoping you can help me further as I'm back to being stuck on 49 again.

I deleted all plugins installed yesterday - mediaportal, cacheflush and XE. It worked.

I then tried to reinstall XE, using OpenWebif with the code from your post in the 'XE Downloader for zgemma H2s' thread. This threw up a lot of errors and it didn't look like it had installed properly, so I deleted from the 'extensions. file.

Now, after reboot, the box is stuck on 49 again! To be honest, I just wish I'd left it alone on shitty iPab. I could punch that *!?!%$**£!! monkey squarely in the gob! :rage:


I think that's for openwebif
Yeah, thought so. I think I accidentally deleted the .pyo file from inside the folder while I was having a look around. Is there any way to download again from somewhere? This is turning into a nightmare.

Putty just tells me that there's not enough space on the device when I tried that method.