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Evening All
I'm running an IPTV sub on a first gen firestick (xtream editor) and have just bought a 4k version. I want to just move the sub to the new stick and hopefully use the old one in the bedroom (not as a multi room just when I am not using the other one).

Two questions:
1. Can anyone offer a bit of a step by step guide of how to get my sub onto the new stick or do I need to contact my provider?
2. Is it possible to have a duplicate on the old stick as long as not watching both at the same time?

Thanks loads in advance, I've been searching everywhere for a solution


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Thanks, but not sure how this will help me transfer my sub to a new stick?
Sorry probably really naive of me
Ta anyway
Agree re the link! lol

On E2, editor usually generates a code so 'cloning' the service for 1 connection at a time use may be difficult. If your supplier loads the same line for the 2 devices, it will cost him the extra few quid on editor pro on the basis they are sending the line to a secondary code.

Is there anyway of making a backup of your line ID? (as you would on E2 devices), if so, I think this will be your best option without involving the provider.

Depending on what alternatives your supplier offers, look at STB EMU pro and clone the mac or smarters app and then use one device at a time.


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Just ask for your username password server url from m3u from his xe panel and use smarters or xciptv player then login on both devices


Just as TK say, without the m3u/file your a bit fuffed..
Need the url to add to addnl player as Baz mentioned
Have u got it or will provider supply. As occasionally there like Gold dust