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technomate no longer working.


ear sir/madam;
i buy a technomate 500 and its cost me to much and now one year gone a person through i buy he asking me more money to install the programes again and i dont have money please any one now what i need to do to watch a channels again ...please help me if any one now about that..thanks
take care bye ahmad


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If I understand you correctly, you bought a box a year ago with a server subscription for 12 months. Now your server wants you to subscribe again.
That is how things work. If you can't afford a 12 month sub, try a 1/2/3/6 month sub.
If I misunderstood you, post back and clarify.

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Is wheelo correct ? That's how I read it too.

As mentioned above, you can subscribe to a server for different amounts of time.

The shorter the period the cheaper the subscription, however you will need a subscription
with a server to keep the $ channels clear.

If you mean, you have paid for a year and the box has gone off early, then try requesting

information on more reliable servers here