The switch from Cable to IPTV


Hi Guys

As some of us have switched from Cable to IPTV I just wanted to ask some advice and experience with IPTV. I am new to IPTV and managed to get XE on my Zgemma H2H and tried my first IPTV sub experience (test line then went on a 1 month sub to test the waters)

On non live sport I found IPTV to be pretty impressive and the picture and sound was very good.

However when comparing tonights footie (Sly 1 HD on my cable line) and IPTV it was horrible.

The cable line as we all know was perfect but the IPTV on Sly Sports PL/Main Event FHD/HD was terrible the lag/not real HD and the usual pixelation and repeats of the stream was crap.

Questions my fellow TK's

Could this be the supplier?
The supplier hosting servers etc.?
Internet speed (I have Fibre min 40)

Or is generally IPTV not very good? If so I will probs not extend my sub and admit defeat to Sly and Vermin.

We had a very good run and I will defo not line the pockets of them!



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on cable you basically connect from your box direct to virgin

IPTV has a slight lag on live TV that is just IPTV but there are so many variables that can effect IPTV On iptv your box probably goes through 15 different 'hops' to reach the server so any of those could effect connectivity, this in turn could break stream for a second etc.

I just checked, between my box and there are 12 hops, different bits of equipment it goes via to get to google, if one of these goes down then it needs to take a different route adding to the delay.

But your provider may also have issues.