The Windows 7 hardware battle


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Is this the start of the Windows 7 hardware battle?

Industry experts are praising a new quad-core processor from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), priced at just $99. The new chip could help reverse AMD's fortunes of late by giving consumers a cheaper alternative when looking to build a Windows 7-capable machine.

AMD is targeting do-it-yourself "system builders" with the new chip, dubbed the Athlon II X4 quad-core processor. Priced at less than a hundred bucks, the chip, AMD says, blends cost efficiency with performance. (Source:

Microsoft Impressed

Microsoft is also understandably impressed with AMD's attempt to bring Windows 7-capable chips to the masses. "The introduction of the new AMD mainstream desktop platform coupled with Windows 7, allows... a faster, higher performing experience at an attractive price point," said Microsoft's General Manager of Windows Product Management Mike Ybarra. (Source:

Given the low price point of the Athlon II X4, one would expect most industry experts to dismiss the chip. However, tech blog Hot Hardware had only good things to say about it. "It's often hard to get excited about low-end and mainstream hardware," remarked Michael Lin of Hot Hardware. "However, AMD's new quad-core Athlon II X4 processors are something we can definitely get excited about." (Source:

AMD Sets Sights on Intel

Those reviewing the Athlon II X4's performance find that it's just about level with competitor Intel's Core 2 Quad Q8200 -- a chip that usually retails for $150, or 50 per cent higher than the Athlon.
Still, AMD boasts that there's more to like about the Athlon II X4 than just its price and performance. The company also says it's more energy efficient than other chips on the market, and that its 45-nanometer manufacturing process makes it use less power than a 75-watt light bulb.



My next machine will be a Core I5 due to it has better overclocking capabilities

I just cant afford a Core I7 at £600 for the chip

Personally i prefer Amd but they need to get a fire under their asses and get ahead of intel again