This thread has to be the best ever....!


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Had to this again LOL (sorry)

Anyway to all members THANKS for voting and as an appreciation to Hiteck (for a fantastic growing forum) and Mods (for being the friendliest Mods over the internet) and to all the members that have and are making Techkings the great forum that it is,so if you could please vote for us as much as you can over this weekend and remember its our forum that we want to see at no 1.

Im just a member saying thanks for the effort to fellow members.

Anyone that bumps this THREAD (lol) (sorry) over the weekend with a reply i will thank each and every member.
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Got a bit of fright Moh,Taught by headline you where leaving us.Thank god i was wrong.Number one TechKings all The time Moh.Thanks