Tiger and two camels believed stolen in Canada


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A Bengal tiger and two camels have gone missing after a truck and a trailer they were travelling in were stolen near Montreal, Canadian officials say.


The animals that were stolen were
trained and friendly, officials say

They say the vehicles were snatched as the driver stopped for the night at a local motel.

Police believe it was an "opportunity crime", with the thieves being unaware what the cargo was.

The animals, described as "delightful", were being transported from Nova Scotia to a zoo in Bowmanville, Ontario.

"I don't think the thieves had any clue about what was inside," zoo director Michael Hackenberger told Reuters.

He said all three animals - Jonas the tiger and camels Todd and Sean - were trained and friendly.

But he added that the tiger, who weighed some 180kg (400lb) "is still a tiger".

The director also expressed concern that the animals could die of dehydration in the hot weather unless they had water soon.