I thought all TOOLBARS were dodgy, in that they usually contain adware, spyware etc.

Google them before you install any!!
I've had a few and all seem fine. I'm going to make one for here to help pay for the site.
im a bit wary of installing a tool bar,on the other hand,the kids pc you can hardly see the page with the amount of tool bars on there.
i have the deja vu toolbar nice and small,but server crashed again and forum went down again and will not reopen,but toolbar will be updated.
Never use them , I use eamos as it has everything I need, as well as our very own download section, here on Techkings :)
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Eamos library,
Its mainly for the digital box downloads DVB - C DVB - T PVR

Firmware, Software etc.

Eamo is a VIP on the site H ;)

I`d only use trusted downloads, eamos & our own download section ;)
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