Turn 10 on Forza 3: 'No game competes with us'


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by Richard Mitchell { 2 days ago }


Forza Motorsport 3 game director Dan Greenwalt is proud of his game. More specifically, he believes that Forza 3 has surpassed all of the competition, most notably Gran Turismo. When asked how Forza is positioned against other racing stalwarts like Need for Speed and Gran Turismo, Greenwalt did not mince words.

"I'm in this industry because of Gran Turismo, let's just be frank," said Greenwalt. He then explained that Gran Turismo inspired his first "stressful" car purchase, a Mitsubishi 3000GT, saying that is was "a great car in that game, and I thought 'Oh my God, if I'm ever going to have a car, that's the car that I want.'" Then things got ugly.

"So, props to Kazunori Yamauchi-san and the PS1 team," said Greenwalt. "That said," he continued, "I feel that he's passed us the baton. Perhaps he hasn't meant to, but we have taken the genre to new levels and they've stopped evolving the genre. So again, tremendous respect to him, but I'd say the differentiator is they're old school." He conclued, "The emperor's naked, and I don't want to, you know, I don't want to slap him around, but no game competes [with] us right now."

A bold claim to make, especially considering that neither Forza 3 nor Gran Turismo 5 have actually released yet. Whenever they do, we're hoping for a good rumble, Sharks vs Jets style.

From - http://xbox.joystiq.com/