Ubisoft teases with Splinter Cell Conviction site


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By: Justin McElroy


With Splinter Cell Conviction apparently due by Christmas, Ubisoft has booted up the hype machine for the game with a new teaser site located here. There's not much to see: a weird image; a Third Eschelon logo; the word "vomacoifinnocnt." It's all very mysterious.

OK, now that we've given you the news, can we just say that it's wayyyy too late in the game for a teaser site? We've been hearing about the frigging thing for 17 years, Ubisoft, you're really not gonna drop a new screen? Are there limits to the secrecy? It's going to be on store shelves rather than at the end of a globe-spanning treasure hunt, right?

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From - http://xbox.joystiq.com/