Upgrading and learning a little more


Hi all,

I have had my Vu zero for over a year now and have got to grips with the basics with a few extras with it. I currently have a satellite feed as that is the only connection the zero has now it's time to upgrade.

I am moving to cable and want to stick with the Vu+. Please can someone help me on the different with all the boxes. Ideally I would like to be able to record and watch a different channel at the same time, use both satellite and cable connections on the box too. How do I set it up so I can use both connections?

I have just bought the TP Link C9 so if anyone can help with remote viewing so I can watch when not at home or point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.

Hopefully someone can help to get the ball rolling.



if you're sticking with the Vu+ brand then you cant go wrong with the Duo 2. you can have a mixture of cable and satellite. any reason why you want to run both? there's a great guide on here to help you to set up and you'll be up and running quickly.


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vu+ are great boxes mate well built why not try to add a cable tuner to to your bon mate mine works well

[h=1]VU+ Turbo USB Tuner DVB-C/T2[/h]
google that mate


I want the cable for the hd channels and satellite for ppv. I'm also thinking of getting a motorised dish so can get all the European channels. What is everyone's setup they have?