Upgrading to Windows 7 -- Why Bother?


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An interesting read; but really that article seems to only apply to those who currently run XP. I believe it to be fairly understood that the people who are going to be upgrading are mostly Vista users. Just my humble opinion though.


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ya 7th your riight was just going to add this you cant upgrade from xp it has to be a freash install as far as i know

7 reasons to skip upgrading to Windows 7

Posted: 18 Aug 2009 03:22 PM PDT

7 reasons to skip upgrading to Windows 7

With all of the recent posts regarding the upcoming Windows 7 Operating System it seems most of these posts are in favor of the new OS, however an article recently showed up on PCWorld which lookeded into reasons not to upgrade to Windows 7. To see PCWorld’s full article click here.

The article covers seven different reasons not to upgrade and is based on the opinion of someone named Preston Gralla. One thing that Preston does say is that you are running Windows Vista you should definitely upgrade to Windows 7, however he doesn’t believe that an upgrade from XP is required.

Here are his reasons, Windows 7 security is not great, Windows 7 is expensive, an XP to Windows 7 upgrade requires a custom install, not all XP apps and hardware will work on Windows 7, you will have to learn how to use the new interface and finally Windows 7 does not run great on older PC’s despite what Microsoft seem to suggest.

Rather than look into these areas myself I feel you might as well check out the full original article here. Personally I feel a few valid points are made, such as the fact apps and hardware are not always Windows 7 compatible, however I feel reasons such as learning a new interface are not as much of a big deal.