I was with Orange for many many years until a few years ago when i wanted to upgrade - yes to the latest phone.

So i wanted the Samsung G600 - it had been out a while but, i was paying £35 per month and was told that in order to get that handset free i had to be paying £50 per month or have a lower grade phone - even lower that the one i had at the time. So like you do i threatened to leave them and go elsewhere - thinknig that years of loyal service with them ( was more than 10 yrs) they would help me.

Well i was shocked for them to tell me if i didnt like what they offered then i should go elesewhere ........................so i did.
this is not the 1st time either. My son had a contract with orange - so at one point i had 2 contracts i was paying and my husband also with them. So in our household we had 3 seperate contracts with Orange - aprox £90 per month.

Again when i wanted to upgrade my sons hadset was told that we needed to upgrade from a £25 per month to a £35 per month contract to get the lastest handset - at the time was the nokia 6230i explained how much we paid per month and that we had 3 contracts - their attitude was if you dont like it tough! so he went over to O2 and has been with them ever since. At 12 yrs old i think £25 per month was more than enough to pay. Hes still on the other network and i now pay £30 pm and he is 16

Seems with Orange the bigger they got the staff got bigger attitudes.

Up until 4 yrs ago i was more than happy with the service network etc. They were the people i got my 1st contract with when mobile phones became available to people. I was one of the 1st to get a mobile phone when my other son was at nursery school aprox 16 yrs ago
My reason for getting one was not to be flash, ( as some people thought at the time) but my hubby was working away from home and we needed to be able to contact each other during the day.