USA away we go


you know for years since ps2, i made a clan AAK allied ass kickers lol, anyway we had about 70 members and we all became and are still great friends even though most of us have never seen each other, other than a photo, anyway last year i went to the USA to meet up with who was our captain, yup i was the leader, anyway, i met up with all our USA and CANADIAN, members. i stayed at their houses, and can safley say its the best holiday i have ever had, we had such a blast, n it was weird because it was like we was family because we had known each other for so long, just by chatting online from ps2 to ps3 to ps4, anyway im going again this year for a month 1st july, im even thinking of buying some houses there, to rent out, thing is, this is proof that the tech we use can open so many doors and change peoples lives, bring so much happiness, rock on every one, heres me and friends at Niagara falls