USB and External HDrive problem


Hi maybe someone can help here with this problem
I have a Zgemma H2H box flashed with the latest WilloBuild and i use Jedi to inport my streams

Unfortunatly i am having major problems initalizing either USB or a 500GB Seagate Expansion Drive
all are USB 2.0
I have done reformats and Low level formats used the Willo tools for partitions etc and i still cannot get the Zgemma to Inatalize and mount the device
I have even reflashed the Willo image twice and still the inatinaliser only gets to 95 then a error message come up Harddisk instance has no attribute ‘type’

Can any one help here please

Thanks Regards Mark


had the same problem with wooshbuild everywhere on the internet just says to initalizing on wooshbuild but i relized it aways blue screened so what i did was re-flashed device with openatv then did the setup and did the initalizing for the usb on that image then i flashed again wooshbuild and then skiped the initalizing and it worked