Cable Using both DVB-T Tuners?


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Have been having some difficultly flashing the box via USB, and none of the 8 USB's I have tried have worked, and the FLSH shows up onto for a split second.

Long story short, FTP'd to the box and installed ATV 6.3 and OpenVix on the second boot partition and now trying to set them up with Freeview and IPTV. ABM has trouble with the recent Freeview changes which is documented on here somewhere, so used the Terrestrial Scan plugin and working OK, but I want to use both tuners so I have more flexibility how many channels I can record and watch at the same time.

The box will also run IPTV too which is why I went for the higher spec H7.

Can anyone help me with the dual tuner issue? What am I doing wrong?




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Presume your model is h7c with twin cable/terrestrial tuners each needing a cable feed and both tuners enabled on both.If using Saorview possible 1 on each tuner for recordings and view sat or iptv.

Years ago when sat was fully working it could record easily 3 channels on the same TP,and 3 on another TP on the second tuner.
Less channels to view but if in UK might be many more on same tp that could be recorded.

If recording on both T tuners you can only view on same tp on tuners as other will be greyed out.


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Correct, have H7C and specifically got this model to incorporate both IPTV and Freeview, which is why I wanted the 2 tuners so it could replace me TalkTalk freeview box. Tuner B and C are enabled for DVB-T and both have aerial cable fed into them.

When I scan, it only seems to scan one tuner - I have individually scanned both but the system still wont use the second feed to tuner C, and that is where I am stuck.

My ideal scenario is to have freeview and corresponding bouquet so they are in 'Freeview' order / format, and also utilise both tuners so that it works as a normal box, but with the added bonus of IPTV which will be in separate bouquet's

I already have an IPTV sub, so its just this second tuner issue thats causing me problems.


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ABM does only scan using one tuner if both the same.

You should be able to watch one channel and record another with no additional settings as long as both tuners are set to DVB-T

What actual issues are you having? is it not recording?

Abu Baniaz

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You don't need to scan both tuners. no matter which terrestrial tuner you use, the tuning data is added to the same database.

The receiver will use the second tuner when it needs it.


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Thanks both.

I was over complicating things by over thinking it - Can confirm 2 tunes configured, one scan with Terrestrial plug in (not ABM) and now records as expected.

IPTV sub added and working, last thing to configure is VPN and timeshift - then Im good and will be backing up settings in the event of an upgrade.

Thanks for everybody's help