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when i was setting my box up the other day from fresh, to try and better the update problem
i noticed when i was messing about with the drives.

i notice you can set the drives to be named /usr
so im wondering will that bring over everything that is in that folder ?


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yea thats seems to break it.
dont know if i did it wrong, but sure


You not setting the name, your setting the mount point.

I won't bore you with the tech details just realise that if you don't know exactly what your changing is going to do then its just better to leave it alone.


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Ouch !

I presume I read that in the wrong way and you never intended to try and belittle anyone? Is the technical side to technical to explain?
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Why am I better leaving alone
Must be to smart for dumb old me

I'm never going to get my box working again ahhhh
Anyone want to buy it, broke box for sale. To dumb to fix


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If you have a directory called /usr on your box and then you mount your hdd as /usr no files are copied to the hdd, as you probably found out, and the system will now look on the hdd for the files that should be in the /usr directory.

Now, if you copied all the files in /usr to the root of your hdd before mounting it then that should work. (but don't hold me to that)


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thats worth a go!
yea thats what i was thinking would it copy the files over and was thinking if i did it at the very start would it work

always worth a go