Vod Freezing Streaming Live Fine


Hi just got myself a new iptv provider and quality streams live are good, Vod is a different story though because it's all over the place and I can't understand the reason.
My new provider is very helpful I asked for an add to the TV section and it was there the next day, watched it on vod and it played flawlessly.

Following night was having a look through the movie vod section, first one I played 2019 movie freezing constantly, not watchable, played an older one from 1990 same problem, contacted my iptv provider and came to the conclusion it could be my internet, test was to try same movies with another internet provider tried it at my dads and the movies played fine.

Two speed tests on my internet one was 31 meg, other was 35 meg so fast enough to cope, no one else streaming when I was watching the movies on my internet, so kind of scratching my head why does it play fine on live stream, on TV shows no problem, but movies vod, these two certain movies refuse to play,
I'm using the xciptv app, and all vod is played by built in VLC, and live with built in exo player.

So I'm thinking it's a codec issue with my box, but the same movies struggle to play on my firestick as well, yet the play on my tablet fine at my dads, but struggle to play on my tablet with my internet, so it must be my internet right, but since then I've played and tested other movies in the movie vod section guess what they play fine so it's not my internet right, lol hope you see where I'm going with this it is doing my head in.

1) Do certain movies with a certain codec require a better stable connection, and mines is dropping slightly and that causes the freezing, and my dads internet has no drops and that's why they are playing fine, I could just forgot about these movies and move on but I would like to get to a reason for the inconsistencies, Thanks.

first of all who is your ISP provider ??

try to disable any security settings you might have switch on, restart router , is your box hard wired to the router or wireless if its wireless you will get interference from time to time. your isp could be blocking traffic for your iptv streams. Have a good read on the thread following the link for what ever isp you have. Vermin blocking IPTV. not sure what app you are using for your iptv, you might want to switch to another player as well. If that doesn't work, wait for a TK Vet to pick up this thread in the morning , many thanks.