Volvo recalls cars over gear shift problem


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Volvo is recalling 29,299 cars worldwide due to a problem with the gear shift that could make it difficult for drivers to change gears.


Volvo Company says problem will take an hour to fix

Company spokesman Per-Aake Froesberg said: 'The cars in question are all our models for 2010 and 2011 that have a six-speed manual gear box.

'We have identified that the ball-joints hand cylinder pin on the gear shift lever may be mounted (incorrectly), which may lead to the ball-joint coming loose, which would imply that the driver will not be able to change gears.'

The recall affected markets around the world, he said, adding that Britain was most affected, with 6,708 cars recalled there, followed by Sweden and Germany.

Volvo Ireland said that the recall involves 73 Irish cars.

Volvo Ireland Managing Director David Baddeley said of those 73 cars, half have not yet been delivered to customers and the other customers are being contacted.

He said there had been not been any reports of incidents in relation to the cars in question and the recall is purely precautionary.

Mr Froesberg insisted that no accidents had so far occurred due to the problem and added that the faulty gear box was 'very easy to fix'.

He said owners of the models in question could take their cars to a local retailer where the ball joints would be adjusted properly in less than an hour.