VPN on a vu duo


anybody know how to put VPN on a VU Duo box.an idiots guide would be appreciated . I know it’s an old box but works well with IPTV . sadly I have tried putting wooshbuild on it but it’s not compatible unless I’m using a wrong one but I’ve tried a few of the builds . Many thanks in advance


I use PIA. it's the only one I could get to work on my Solo2. I also have Vix image which works a treat.
In summary this is what you need to do.
Access the box via filezilla or equivalent.
Create a folder in ETC and call it 'openvpn'
Sign up to pia and download the necessary files.
Create a password file using the same username and password that you use to log on to pia.
Copy files into 'openvpn' folder.
Use box remote to start vpn.