vpn on vm


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You need to buy a router capable of supporting a VPN. You can't install it on the box or on your superhub.


any suggestions for a low cost fast VPN. I cant face trying to set my own up. I ran a test on trust.zone amd my speed fell from 76mbs to 8mbs !! and I had to switch emails from SMTP to IMAP to send


PS I have the VM router in modem mode and an ASUS router in front of it. Loading the VPN was like an hour learning curve then about 5 seconds to do once you know how. Just upload the opvn file and type in the username/password, update and click the on/off buttom


By how much did your speed drop. I am using purevpn with Asus and vm and speed has typically dropped by 50%. The 5g wireless connection reduced from 200 to 30 seems liked its clamped at 30 somehow.

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I was looking at putting PureVPN on the second router as an option. Reviews on Pure were good. I have a DD-WRT router installed and it works a dream. Just considering which service to use.

The comments above have me wondering though.

Has anybody got something good or bad to say about using any VPN for IPTV?