Vu+ setup same as zgemma

Hi all bit of a newbie to iptv here i have a zgemma i have set uo with iptv was a simple case of using putty connecting to the box pasting the line detail and pressing enter and it was all set up with bouquets etc when the boc restarted.

Question is can i do this also on a vu solo + the same and it will configure it or would a different line be needed setuo for this box specifically

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I have another subscription allready its just the install onto the vu solo im wanting to know know how to do it is it same as a zgemma? Could i install wooshbuild same as a zgemma?

Michael Grant

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The package i have came as a script and was sent to the box on putty can that same way with the script be installed onto a vu solo or solo 4k?


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The solo is low powered not saying it wont work if it installs. Telnet method would be exactly same as before with the Zgemma.

Id use it on the 4k though more power under the hood.


I have iptv installed on both my boxes zgemma h2s and vu+ solo2 and both work great

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The Vu+ boxes running Wooshbuild are

Vu+ Solo4k - Twin sat
Vu+ Zero - OpenATV 6
Vu+ Solo2 - OpenATV 6
Vu+ Duo2 - OpenATV

So providing you have one of those then yes, just install Wooshbuild and away you go. The iptv through putty installs the same way as the zgemmas