Vu+ Solo 2

Hi, I've been running a Vu+ Solo 2 for the last few years now. Think the firmware and skins are outdated which wont allow me to update the box itself. I can even use the IPTV feature. Does anyone know how i go about updating my box?



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Download a new image onto a USB stick and flash it that way. Make sure to back up your line.

Kiddac has a good guide on how to set up a new image if you're unfamiliar.


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thanks for replying, hugely appreciated. I just visited his page there, do the zgemma and vu+ use the same firmware?


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No mate they don't. If you go onto your chosen image's website - i.e. OpenATV or Vix (they're the main two if you aren't aware) and look for the Vu range and find your model. Unzip that and put the vuplus folder onto your USB drive and flash with that.

It all works the same basic way so the guide is applicable for any model that uses enigma2 but that guide is written for OpenATV so may want to go with that.

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