Vu solo se interference with iPhone xr



I have some strange issues where my new iPhone XR is interfering with my Vu solo se.

If I press ok on remote, every time I use Face ID it mimics me pressing ok on remote. If I press volume it will mimic it, even when I lastly turn box off, everyone I use Face ID on iPhone with will turn box on and off.

Can anyone suggest how I can stop it, driving me nuts.

I am surprised no one else having this issue using iphone XR and Vu Solo SE v2 using cable tuners.

So just to update, phone has been swapped and had same issue, got my neighbours XR to test and same issue.

I thought it might either be my surroundings or my box. When to a mates to test the Iphone XR on his box and had the same issue.



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At a guess your phone is using same signal as vu remote hence the issues, i did hear of 2 vu boxes in same room duo and solo and remote mode from 1-2 could fix it.Your issue is the phone and not another box.I dont know if changing mode on remote and box will do anything?