Vu+ zero won't flash new image


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Thanks for all the replies folks.
The problem I have is, the box seems to be stuck loading open atv 6.3 now every time I turn it on, I just get a constant spinning ball in the top left corner and nothing happens. I installed the dreamsat panel on it the other night and then tried to install linuxsat new channel list but it was taking an eternity so I rebooted the box and ever since it seems to be stuck, hopefully it isn't RIP.
I'll try and get my hands on one of the suggested USB sticks and have another go.
What make and size is the usb you are using?
SanDisk are about a tenner at asda


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No asda in Ireland. :laughing:
Don't know the brands but the 2 sticks I tried are 1g and 4g.
I'll try and pick one up in Tesco tomorrow