Windows 10 w10 freezing after boot


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Strange things happening on my second hand desktop as it now likes to freeze up and mouse or keyboard does nothing and time shows its frozen,also notice firefox now does not work.
Dropped into guy and said nothing wrong but he had to install new firefox which now does not work again and pc freezes still.He did say microsoft did a big update that screwed many up.
tried the 3 button test control-alt- del does nothing.


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That is probably true if Microsoft have done major updates had to reinstall English UK pack this morning has mine was using US keyboard and wouldn't work on the £ sign and @ key took me a while to work it out but now you are saying that Microsoft have done updates makes sense. You will probably have to wait for a fix or can you do a system restore to before the updates when you knew everything was working fine.


Microsoft has released the latest update before resolving a number of outstanding issues. But at least they now provide a more centralized location for getting update information. The home page (dashboard) can be found here and the specific page for the latest update can be found here.