Warez security alert


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For any fellow downloaders i came across this
A new phishing scheme is now active, whereby Uploaders claim to be keeping their links alive longer by disguising them as .exe files. You download your show, click the .exe and a self-extracting program opens up that gives you the .avi. But the .exe also steals your passwords and sends them out. You're anitvirus will probably NOT detect this trojan.Do NOT open any .exe self-extracting programs that you find on a download.If you have already opened one of these files. Change your passwords immediately. You are also advised to check your credit card activity and cancel them if you suspect your password may have been compromised.

Mighty_Marvel Moderator of WBB wrote:
There is currently a big problem on many forums including this WBB, with People posting infected Self Extracting Video files.

If you download a Rar archive Video which after extracting contains a large exe DO NOT RUN IT!!

If you do so it will take your passwords that are stored in your browser and cookies and attempt to send them out to the internet where your passwords will be used for a hackers benefit. This could mean that all your accounts such as Paypal, Forums, File hosts such as RS, possibly Credit Cards and anything else of value could become Compromised and you MAY loose them or money! Virtually NO Anti Viruses will detect an infection so DO NOT rely on your AV protection! Knowledge is your BEST protection.
be carefull out there
Thanks mate, i've come across many disguised as .exe's but never downloaded them. Hoefully no body else falls for this little trick.