Watching downloaded films on tv via computer

I have just dowloaded Vuse and downloaded a couple of films I am able to watch the films on my pc monitor but is there any way of watching them on my TV i have a plasma tv with HDMI outlet but dont think my desktop PC has a HDMI outlet as it is quite old.

Many thanks


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How`re ya johngoodison. can you check the back of your tv and see if there is a pc input on it? if there is you are almost good to go. just make sure your graphics are not set too high or your tv will not recognise it.
if you have a pc input on your tv i would recommend this way...... while monitor is plugged in,right click anywhere on your desktop and choose properties,choose settings,set screen resolution to 1024x768 and set screen refresh rate to 60 hz, - these settings work on the majority of tv`s.
turn off your comp as normal,switch the lead to the big tv and turn both on.choose pc input on your tv remote and you are good to go.
also i would recommend getting rid of vuse as it uses an awful lot of computer resources and substitute it for u-torrent or bitcomet,
finally,download "vlc media player" it is an open source player and will play 99.99 % of all downloaded material,
Hope this helps