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Hi all, got a zgemma H2s with WB5. Works awesome. It has the IPTV plugin for watching streamed movies and this works well. Its just a pain using the remote to step through so many hoops to search or locate the movie. Is there a better way to access this plugin and search movies. Do you know if there is a web based, or openwebif type panel to use and search or bookmark/download the movies to make finding them easier for swmbo? Thanks in advance


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IPTV is web based (Internet Protocol TeleVision)
The IPTV plugin lets you access internet portals (free of charge) via your Zgemmas UI . I appreciate very much considering it doesn't cost..

If you are after streaming/downloading with more flexibility on your PC for free try something like kodi, you could install a build, download a movie then FTP it to your Zgemma's hard drive to watch later
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Hi rhanks. Yeah i am happy with the plugin etc. No probs there. Its just in an awkward out of the esay place to nav to quickly. Searching is also a faff typing in etc. Just thought there might be an easy app like interface. Thanks for the reply

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Adventuredon.....Have you tried selecting say movienights and then typing the name of the movie you are after in the search facility ?
By doing this, that movie name stays in the search box for every link you look at until you change it.
Saves searching as you go to link then search then ok it and it will look for you.