Well earned person v working class


im not well im off but im comfortable every month with my wage , aslong the as the roof above my head is paid for thats all that matters in my eye's its called being sensible, what i have left i have and if i havent got anything i havent got anything tuff shit lol

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I was brought up on a council estate and lived for 20 years with my own family only drugs and thief's made us move.

As for money?, I've lived with and without it and believe you me, it's far far easier with it.
It's not about overspending it's about living within your means. When you have money it takes away the daily stress that comes with paying your rent, food, utility bills, keeping your car on the road the list is endless. With money your basically get rid of those sleepless nights when someone wants money the next day, I've been on both sides of the fence.

I've had a 65k a year job and a 15k a year and I can tell you this,

I slept far far better on 65k than 15k, far better. The key is to manage your money when you've got it not blow it on useless crap.
Totally agree with you, money makes the world go round and without it imo, life would be $hite, i live a good life but I work hard, I'm a big believer in your only here once, do what you want to do if it makes you happy. Life is short and if your life is not the best, only you can change it. Family and friends are good but the way I look at things is like this, it don't effect people when there young, but think about when your old and you have no financial security, that's when the poo hits the fan