What are you playing?


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Right now, i'm working through God of War: Chains of Olympus again. Personally, one of my favorite games for the PSP.
I don't play it much but I do watch the kiddies..

They love these titles....

Metal Slug
Madden 09
NBA 09
Last game I played for psp was silent hill origins. Loved it, But thats just me... Hardcore horror fan! :grin:
Silent Hill Origins is good huh? I like survival horror as well, and have enjoyed most of the Silent Hill franchise thus far.

I'll have to...ahem...acquire this one as well.
That's the fun part of the GTA games. (y)

Right now i'm playing X-Mex Origins: Wolverine. Pretty good so far.
I didn't 'go see it' either, as i'm not fan of the theater. But, i've seen it, none the less. ;)

The game is pretty cool, worth playing IMO.
Just picked up Final Fantasy Dissidia

Not a bad game if you're just out for fun. Not much real depth to game play, but it sure is fun battling different FF characters from over the years.