What build to use?



Looking to setup my zgemma h.2h box, whats the best build to use, ideally with the sly skin.

Thanks in advance.


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Try building one yourself, it's not to difficult and you will learn a lot. A vix image is the easiest for beginners ATV needs a little more setting up. I'm sure loads of people on here will help you if you get stuck. Try looking on zgemma.tv for starters ;-)


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If you want a pre-built image, use dsayers vix build which does both sky and vm but with just one EPG. He swaps out sky sd channels with HD channels from VM.

It is in the H2H section of the forum


So i've tried a couple of different builds now, i'm getting an error on screen 'tuner lock'

I haven't managed to get any channels working/showing a picture yet, I have tried different feeds, also used the vm line that goes to my router, still nothing. Could it be a faulty tuner?


Sorry for the confusion, just cable is all i'm after.

Also is there a new model of the Zgemma H.2h? I think the ports are upside down for cable?