What is the best plugin for enigma 2 for iptv

hi guys. I have a m3u file , what is the best way to use iptv via a enigma 2 box. should i just use the 2boom m3u bouquet converter.


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OK best thing then is for me to use the m3u bouquet converter??? and then run it through the bouquets. No plugin required. Ive used xc plugings but its hard work, looking for a better option using the 3mu file.
i will run it through bouquets. thanks, siilver


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Do you really need a plugin?

Can you not convert it to a .tv and just run it in your bouquets?

That's all m2b bouquets converter plugin does it's handy for reloading an updated m3u just ftp the m3u to hdd or tmp and run the plugin to convert it to bouquets.


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well ive installed it, but its so slow its unusable cant really change the channel over as it slows the box right down.


ive been dabbling with:-


its about £10 for a year and they have a plugin you can install and pair it to your account.

using the web interface you can add upto 5 m3u lines, i used &type=m3u_plus&output=ts at end of line so it pulled in the extra grouping info etc.

once you add your lines you can hide sections, move channel order and also add the EPG to the channels etc, them create your own feed/mix or m3u sets.

all the bouquets and epg then appear on ipbox, pretty magical i thought

id be interested in any other solutions.

And I have just used dreambox Chanel list(bouquet),and it’s working like charm.
Not a single channel missing.

I am using zgemma box and didn’t convert anything