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What would your reply to this be?


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I have been trying to sell the ole dodgy box on ebay as its no good to me anymore obviously however anytime i put it up its taken down straight away, this was fine until i looked through ebay and found scores of the similar item on ebays listings. So i decided to speak up about it.
Fools clearly advertising it will unlock all ppv channels and is already fully updated whereas my add stated it was illegal to do this and warranty would be void if flashed so on and so forth. Anyway i emailed them and got this response, to reply or not to reply that is the question (probably wouldn't make a dif anyway but i love giving out :) )


Thank you for writing to eBay.

It has been brought to our attention that these boxes are specifically designed to access paid channels for free, and many people are buying them for this illegal purposes, and sellers are using eBay as the medium to sell these boxes. In working with Virgin Media and law enforcement agencies, we have decided to remove the sale of these boxes.

Please note that our prohibited items policies cover tens of thousands of products and auctions are listed continuously. By the time we remove a prohibited item, a new prohibited item is listed. Therefore, at any given time, you may see prohibited items listed on eBay, but it does not mean they are allowed.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reply to this email and let us know.

Kind regards,

(removed ebay members name)
eBay Trust & Safety


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relist it as a remote control with a special gift, the gift pictured in the image is under the remote control ask people to email you for further details also state that the remote is up to date etc this will bypass ebays screening of the add trust me it works.


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it shall be done mr. moh, what about a starting bid or price?
starview 4 usb so it is.

I shouldn't be saying this and ill probably be retributed for it here so sorry mods in advance, im on ebay a long time and know how it works everyone knows someone that has an account on ebay if you know someone that will place a bid on your item lets say you start the bid at 99p but your friend comes in and places their highest bid at lets say 40 pounds and it will still show 99p.the 40 pounds well this is what you might want for the box so theres your reserve price sorted but if you place a reserve initially on the auction it turns people off from bidding so this is what sellers do its called shill bidding,it goes on wholesale on ebay .so you draw bidders in on the 99p start price always start your auction at a low price and always run it for 9 days starting on a thursday and finishing it at around 9.30 pm hope this helps.
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Yeah my mate did that and she managed to get it done before they had time to suss it also. She said remote for sv


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yeah ive seen that myself more times than i care to remember, always gave out stink about it and nearly always avoided private bidding because of it, thanks anyway moh, where there's a will there's a way as they say!


Deleted, at user's request.
yeah ive seen that myself more times than i care to remember, always gave out stink about it and nearly always avoided private bidding because of it, thanks anyway moh, where there's a will there's a way as they say!

no prob if you follow my above post you will get sorted (y)


I know people that do similar, may not be right but ebay have got to prove that the person that placed a high bid did not indeed want it! Its done quite a lot of the time but people never think of it as shill bidding - probably most of them never heard of the word. they see it as helping a friend get what they want without paying even larger ebay fees. If you add a reserve price you also pay more fees- yes we pay enough as it is. Plus the higher starting price you put - again the more fees you pay. lol one reason why its known as FEEbay lol!
But yes apparently it works and you will sell your item. People also find that once 1 bid has been placed - say by a freind it often gets the ball rolling so to speak.
My 1st box was bought on ebay, and they cancelled the bid, thankfully the company contacted me and i did not loose out. very thankfully to that company and still use them as i trust them.
But i would suggest selling the remote with a free gift as others have said and you can also do this for "other items" that cannot be sold on ebay.
I sold the "contents" of my caravan - caravan came free lol! as i could not sell it on ebay according to the caravan park! but as i did not technically sell the caravan they could do nothing about it! loop holes - wonderful things lol!


Moh ,linny thanks for that info my little head is working again on Ebay .:)and i was one that never heard of shill bidding :err: