Where the Wild Things Are: on every console this year


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by JC Fletcher { 23 hours ago }

Though it has yet to be announced, a few completely believable sources have spilled the e-beans about the existence of a tie-in game for the upcoming Spike Jonze-directed Where the Wild Things Are movie. Amaze Entertainment's website, in its "Company Culture" area, lists some of the games the developer has made, "as well as two titles due out later this year: Where The Wild Things Are on all console platforms and Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings for PSP."

The LinkedIn profile for Jeromy Stroh, formerly of Amaze, lists both the Wild Things game, expected in October, and an "Undisclosed Disney Project" due out in December. According to the resume of animator Sun Moon, WayForward has been working on the DS version of the game since 2007.

Unfortunately, we have yet to find any resumes or early documents that tell us if the game will be good or if it will be a by-the-numbers children's movie game.

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