Where to put a splitter?


Hi i am new here and have been going through a lot of posts and couldn't find an answer i am looking for. i have VM broadband in to my property with about 10-15m of cable running to my router i would like to split it off to a box so i am able to have a vm line. the question is where do i put the splitter at the outlet or just before the router or does it not matter? Also i have another VM outlet in my bedroom that was there previous could that outlet be active also as i have a live feed to the house?


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I tried both didn't seem to make any difference, settled on before the router in case I need to remove it quickly. You're other outlet should be live as well unless you had it disconnected for any reason, you'd need a powerline to get the Internet connection up there but should work fine.


Hi Scorp,

I also have a 10 metre cable that I put in myself going to my router. This was due to wanting my tv in a different location.

I have put the splitter at the end of the cable, rather than the wall port.

Its probably recommended that you put the splitter at the wall port end rather than the end of the cable. If you open the box for the wall port up, there may already be a splitter in there.

With regards to checking the other wall port in the bedroom, just take your router upstairs >> plugin it in >> see if it works :)


Thank You very much. I don't need to order so much cable now And i can go get a new box.

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My tv and my router are literally next to each other would a splitter affect my internet speeds? i think i read on hear that it shouldn't do.


Generally the signal would be split at the strongest ie the incoming point. Splitting further down stream can be troublsome. the modem will get decent signal after say 2 splits but it has to shout louder back through the 2 splitters and it can only shout so loud the less splits the better. there may already be splits in your home you would need to check.


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as long as splitter after isolater white box on wall if u dont use upstairs take splitter away for room upstairs probally in wee brown box outside just so signal levels ok and use a barrel