Which Android Box???


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If you are looking at streaming IPTV then the MAG254 has
good reviews and is preferred by many over an android type box.

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I use an openbox for TV. The purpose of this box is for streaming / downloading movies / boxsets. Was planning on using Kodi / Showbox

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1GB of ram is too low you want to be looking at 3GB ram +, 2GB minimum :)

The price difference between those two is down to the storage 16GB v 8GB & the ram 2GB v 1GB other than that they're the same thing. I still have the previous sumvision box the Sumvision Cyclone X4 & it works fine streaming through kodi so i should think the sumvision would work ok, but i'd be looking at a bit higher spec.

I recently got this as a christmas present & it flies along well happy with it Alfawise H96 Pro+ TV Box Android 6.0 OS-79.25 Online Shopping| GearBest.com


Definitely look for 2GB of RAM, Kodi is much more stable with 2GB. 8GB v. 16GB of storage is less important because you can always use a USB stick to expand the storage.