which box... i know i know!!


i know its been asked many times but i cant find what i need.

i dont think im allowed to mention names but i have S and VM

i am new to all this kind of stuff so a little back ground of what i have and also what i want...

i have 100mb broadband with VM, which is staying

im getting rid of my S+HD box ive cancelled subscription anyway so just waiting for it to go off.

i have a 10 year old pioneer 1080p hd tv which i wont be upgrading anytime soon,

ok so i want...

the best sat box available, from what ive read most people recommend vu or octagon?

if there are any others please let me know?

i want recording capabilities 500gb or 1tb twin tuner

i want hd sport and movies and all other channels too same as S

i also want a S interface as its user friendly and my parents are used to it.

also with maybe an option to use something like kodi which i would prefer pre installed.

where can i get a box with my requirements? thats preloaded off the shelf ready to use plug and play?

sorry for the long list i thought it might be easier stating everything rather then being asked questions.

thanks in advance


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Zgemma is a brilliant box. Depending on what your looking for there's a few different models available. Ask a VIP member here on the site they won't put you wrong

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from what ive read people mention the zgemma an entry level box, i dont mind paying a little extra to get something better if its available.

even a box that outputs in 4k or 3d im not too bothered even though i dont have the hardware to use this, its nice knowing that the option is there if i ever need to upgrade.


I would steer clear of the zgemma you can do much better than that.
You would need a combined sat and cable box so Octagon SF 4008 or Edision OS Mega.


depending on our budget i wold go for either
Edison OSMega, Octagon 4k box or Mutant HD51 4K box - all these will cost approx £200 but you get fast boxes, multi tuner options , 4K where noted , support inernal hard drive ,and loads of plugins including full Kodi..
There are so many permutations, do your reading and then come back with queries. All support sky-look skins too and many many more features


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Zgemmas are good for the price but if you have the money I would recommend the Octagon SF4008.
I don't think you can get one fully set up but it's easy to flash a build and put a line on.


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The internet connection I would be using is from a Ethernet cable from the VM modem superhub thing. I wouldn't be plugging the actual thick vm cable in to the box.


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If you want HD sport and movies then u will need to use your vm thick white cable via a splitter into the back of the box that u will eventually purchase. Reason for this is that u cant get the HD channels from S on these boxes due to S having them scrambled for us, whereas VM do not.

Id also recommend the Octagon SF4008 as this has twin sat and a cable tuner onboard and would meet all your needs.


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Ignore moonman he doesn't know what he's going on about tbh. If willing to spend cash for your requirements you best getting the Octagon SF4008 like previous posters have said if you want HD it will have to be via Vm as S can't recieved it now. You have Vm broadband so I'm guessing your cable TV line is active so that won't be a problem. Regarding kodi I wouldnt look at a box that has it on. Doesnt run true tbh your be better with a additional android box for that feature


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the zgemma is a good enough box it will do the job of a sat or cable box with out a problem
it will change channel, display epg and what else you need in a sat/cable box no problem just like the big boys

but if you want the other features that isnt part of a sat/cable box. like iptv or kodi you will need something more powerful, but i would get a box just for them. there is cheaper box at no cost which will run them perfect, as they are made just for that

so you have twin sky feed and a cable line
so you might as well get a triple tuner at least. i dont know how much you can split a cable connection
but 2 sky feeds and a cable feed, will give you loads of recording chances


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There's nothing wrong with the newer zgemma boxes (h2.s / h2.h) - they're more than capable of giving you what you need. I have the h.2h - one satellite feed from the dish and one cable feed from the cable box on the wall then an internet supply into it - flash, install lines then a bit of tweaking and you're good to go :)
Zgemma H2S is the one that would match your needs. Then it's just selecting the build you want. Personally for my mother and father I use ipab tv. I just leave them to it.

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Crap advice, the H2S is a twin tuner satellite receiver.
The OP has clearly stated they have access to VM which will provide HD channels.


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thanks, the VM cable in to the back of the box for HD channels makes sense now.

i think ill got for the octagon box,

where would the best place be to get one? that is already preloaded with what ever software and skin is needed.

plug and play option would be preferred as im not tech savvy and trying to sort it myself would be a ballache

also will need a subscription



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Forget sat you won't use it once you start watching in HD on cable.

Look at a twin cable tuner, watch one and record another, both in HD.

Something like Vu+ Solo SE V2 Twin Tuner DVB-C/T/T2 Cable / Terrestrial Linux HD PVR Ready Receiver

OCTAGON SF4008 4K UHD 2160p Linux Enigma 2 Receiver 2x Hybrid DVB-C/T/T2 Tuners

Technomate TM-Nano-SE M2 PLUS Enigma 2 Linux HD PVR TRIPLE TUNER Combo 1x DVB-S/S2 + 2x DVB-C Receiver

From world of sat flashed with OpenVix.

You will need a Hdd to record to, a three way splitter, two F to ariel connectors and a sub from a server.

Do yourself a favour and set the box up yourself, plug and play usually ends with the your 12 month sub going off after 2-3 months.

What then ? You come on here and learn how to set up your box LoL !!!!