Which Everyday Product Has A 4750% Price Markup?


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Unless you are a man with a beard, the chances are you are being ripped off by razors - and not just in front of the mirror every morning.
The ridiculously huge mark-up on the price of razor heads means you could pay up to £2.43 for a razor head which costs just 5p to produce - a mark-up of nearly 5000%.

Now the cost of shaving products in supermarkets is under investigation by the Office of Fair Trading which believes manufacturers and retailers are in cahoots over cut throat prices.
A pack of eight Gillette's Fusion Power cartridges costs £18.53, and the replacement razor heads are so expensive that they are now the most shoplifted product in the high street and usually come with security tags attached. A pack of four Fusion Power cartridges costs only 20p to manufacture, plus 8p for packaging. But they are sold for £9.72. A recent Which? survey praised Gillette's products but gave a 'Best Buy' rating to the King of Shaves Razor. Its four cartridge refill pack comes in at a much cheaper £4.88. Tesco's Matrix system, which has a triple blade head, has also won plaudits. A four cartridge refill costs only £2.20.


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I hate shaving..........it is a chore everytime, so i use the 20 x three bladed pack from lidl or aldi will adjust when i remember which. it does me rather thatn buy blades for 25 or 16 euro